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The Emperor's Elephant - Tim Severin

enjoyed the book but however felt gaps in the plotline from the journey from Aachen to Baghdad though but following forward to the next one in the saxon series

The Son - Philipp Meyer

really enjoyed this history of the McCullough  family from the birth of texas and also the coming of age of Eli who snatched grows up for a few years with the Indians but also shows the growth of the states as it grows to capture of the wild west

The Girl In the Flammable Skirt - Aimee Bender

really enjoyed these short stories which is my introduction to aimee bender as made you think and feel differently

a historic icon

Red or Dead - David Peace

really detailed novel about bill shankly but felt it could of been abit shorter but felt didn't quite matched the damned utd and felt overall peace could of done a better job with such an icon who retired before his time

The Curiosity - Stephen Kiernan

thought the idea of a frozen man bought back to life in a different era sounded like a great idea for a story and that he falls in love with the scientist and also bring up the idea of medical ethics too but felt however the plot was missing a little something when it actually came to the book itself. did enjoy but felt could of been even better overall and the ending seemed to me to be rushed and not thought out totally.

dream of the celt

The Dream of the Celt - Mario Vargas Llosa

enjoyed llosa's novel based on the life of sir roger casement who was executed in the aftermath of the 1916 easter rising in Dublin and looks at his work in congo, Amazonia. problem some people may have with the novel as it drifts from 1916 to his past while still he is still in pentonville prison. the book itself has been researched well with a lot of historical content but may not be eveyones cup of tea though

The Long Shadow - Mark Mills

felt this wasn't the best book mills has written only that the ending was predictable though. maybe it was made more psychological would of made it more chilling and interesting to read and some wooden characters too.

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